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Character stat rolls

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Character stat rolls Empty Character stat rolls

Post by Unknown entity Fri May 13, 2022 8:07 pm

Here you need to roll 3d6 per stat (Strength; Dexterity; Constitution; Intellegence; Wisdom; Charisma) and allocate as you wish.
Bellow the description box, you will see a header "Dice" where you choose a die and then enter the amount you want to roll.  If you want an additional dice roll, there is a plus sign after the dice amount, which you click to add additional roll.
The system will automatically post a new reply with the dice roll result.
Unfortunatelly, codes such as "4d6kh3" "1d6+3" and others don't work.
If there is more than one 1 in the roll result, you may reroll it.
Character stat rolls Dice_r10
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